In early February, PureGame kicked off its first Youth Camp at the Magnolia Baptist Church Pantry, in partnership with our friends at Love Anaheim and the Magnolia School District. Now, on its fourth week in session, the Pure Game team is continuing to make great strides in the community.

The Youth Camp, led by Coach Octavio, consists of 15 students, so far. For 45 minutes, students are entertained by playing fun and engaging games, and there has been an increase in participation in the Social and Emotional Learning curriculum implemented in the camps.

Additionally, parents love the program and take time to sit on the sides of the park, watching their kids play, get some exercise, and most importantly, have fun.

The Pure Game Field Champions are trained to keep all participants safe and socially distanced, as well as prepared to work with students with special needs.

Coach Octavio said, “I like when the students come out because they have fun with the games and the other students get to know them and bond together.”