Dear friends,


The PureGame team couldn’t be more excited about what 2024 has in store!  We’re looking forward to another year of school programs (recess and lunch-time) along with launching a new and improved after school program.  Just this month we celebrated our 15th anniversary and although this year represents a milestone it also represents a fresh start, as we thank Tony Everett for 15 years of service and leadership as our chief playmaker and look to grow and expand our reach and vision under a new CEO, Jake Tirabassi. 


Any time there is new leadership there is bound to be fresh ideas and change and as a team we are optimistically anticipating new partnerships, expanding existing programs and setting new goals. Among other adjustments as we aim to deliver the same level of character based, social and emotional learning programs in juvenile hall, ACCESS schools and local school districts that our beneficiaries have grown accustomed to, we'll also be looking to expand our reach and at the same time go deeper with our current relationships and partners. 


We're actively seeking monthly donors, corporate sponsors, and grants to support families and schools that require financial assistance for our programs. This funding is crucial for our students to experience the power of positive mentors and a sports-based youth development program. Additionally, we're excited to introduce a new team-building program for small businesses and corporations, with more details to be announced soon. Stay tuned!


This year PureGame will continue to focus on building impactful community relationships, embracing the change that is inevitable with new leadership, looking to expand our footprint and more than anything aiming to make new connections as we mentor youth through the power sports in Southern California.


Thank you for your support and if you would like to learn more about how you can volunteer or your company can get involved, please reach out to and for those of you that would like to become a PureGame monthly donor of a child, coach school or program please click here for more information.


2024 is going to be an exciting year for PureGame but we are going to need all the help we can get to continue building on the 15 years of coaching and mentoring that has been the foundation of PureGame.  We want to genuinely thank every supporter, volunteer, donor, field champion and participant that has been a part of PureGame and trust this is just the beginning!! 




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