Today, we're tackling something we all know too well but might not fully appreciate: change.

Ah, yes, change. The only constant in life, right? Sort of like that morning cup of coffee, it's inevitable, but how we engage with it sets the tone for the whole day—or, in the grander scheme, our entire lives.

The Fear Factor

Let's face it: Change can be as scary as watching a horror movie alone at night. People, especially youngsters, may see change as ending their comfort zones, favorite routines, and even their go-to friendships. But the thing is, we're hardwired to adapt, evolve, and, yes, change!

Mindset Shift: Change as Opportunity

Here's where your mindset comes into play, like a star player in the last minutes of a championship game. Seeing change as an opportunity rather than a setback is the first step. You know how water flows and adapts to its surroundings? Yep, that's precisely what we want to be doing: flowing like water, finding a way out of no way.

Tools for Teaching

  1. Storytelling: What better way to teach than through stories? Narratives give kids a frame of reference, showing them that change is normal and exciting. Whether it's Harry Potter's transition from an under-the-stairs dweller to the Wizarding World's hero or your personal journey, storytelling is where it's at!
  2. Open Conversations: Encourage young people to talk openly about their feelings toward change. The dialogue allows for a deeper understanding and, most importantly, removes the stigma.
  3. Set Goals and Celebrate Small Wins: Teaching kids to set achievable goals gives them something to aim for. And don't forget to celebrate the small victories. It helps solidify the idea that change is good and often leads to progress.
  4. Role Modeling: Actions speak louder than words. Be an example by embracing change positively in your own life. They'll be watching!

The Champions Jo'urney

And speaking of mindset, here at PureGame, we have a whole program dedicated to being a champion of change called the Champions Journey. Our goal is to equip people, including the young, with the right tools to navigate change like a champ, finding limitless potential in the process.

Takeaway & Action Item

So, the next time change comes knocking on your door, don't hide behind the curtains. Open it up and invite it in like an old friend you haven't seen in years. You never know, this 'friend' might be bringing along some fantastic growth opportunities.

Here's a small exercise to get you started. Ask the young people in your life to list three changes they're afraid of and three ways to embrace them positively. You'll be amazed at the outcomes!

Remember, life isn't about avoiding change but learning how to dance in the rain. So let's twirl, hop, and make the most of it! Keep flowing and growing, folks!

Until next time, keep walking your champion's journey!

Tony  Everett

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