It’s great to be at another Pure Game Los Alamitos Intermediate School Youth Camp!

Our first camp went great, with around 10 kids that came out to join us. So far this year, our camp attendance has been great, with the first couple of weeks counting on 15 kids in attendance, and others returning from our first camp.

The camp, coached by Coach Peter, said, “The kids are amazing! A few of them are students we have worked in the past during their elementary days or middle school. Although students aren’t able to play soccer during these times, I try to bring out games that are familiar to soccer.”

In an effort to have kids practice their soccer skills, Coach Peter creates and uses games that involve the usage of a soccer ball.  

“Steal the bacon is a really fun game they enjoy playing,” the Pure Game Field Champion said. “They get to compete with their teammates, and they get to use a soccer ball to score a goal. Although they don’t get to defend themselves or have contact, the first to score the soccer ball on the other goal is the winner.”

But the Pure Game camps are not just for players learning how to play soccer, but also for seasoned soccer players who want to work on their skills. The camp offers different drills and foot work to keep recreational or competitive soccer players fit as they wait for their season to begin.

While all students are actively participating and doing a great job, one student that really stands out is, Nevaeh Carlton. Participating in both camps Pure Game has held at Los Alamitos, she was also part of Coach Peter’s after-school camp a few months ago.

“Nevaeh is a great student, always participating and answering questions when we talk about the word of the day. She was one of the few girls that would participate in the after-school program, and she still continues to attend our camps. She is a big fan of soccer, and although we can’t play much of soccer right now, she still enjoys playing different games we have for the students,” he finalized.