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We understand that youth sports might not be the first priority for your family. That is why we created the PureGame Scholarship fund. If you require a scholarship to join the program, one of our team will contact you to discuss this in greater detail.

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A Note About Youth Sports

Youth sports are no longer about the neighborhood or park pickup games of old.

Children are now starting high-level sports programs as young as 6 and 7. These programs come with professional coaches and year-round competition schedules.

It’s crazy!

The sad statistic is that by age 13, up to 70% of children have dropped out of these organized sports.
Things need to change!

For generations of Americans, casual play was a foundational experience. The free-play era rewarded creative expression, fostered social skills, demanded some degree of inclusion, and it was fun. It also delivered hours of physical activity, without that ever being the goal.

PureGame STAR Sports is a new and different way to engage kids. Sports will once again become child-led and adult-supervised, meaning kids will own their competitive and intensity levels, not the parents or coaches.

We use a Free-Play format having kids play on small fields and teams, meaning more touches on the ball and increased involvement in the game, leading to more fun. Groups are switched every five-minutes, so kids play with and against everyone in the formed cohorts.

PureGame cares about kids who are not receiving a satisfactory sporting experience. Our Field Champions (trained staff) are a trusted guide, positive role model, and mentor. Research tells us that having a mentor will help children grow in confidence and realize their full potential. We have demonstrated that someone cares for 1000’s of children, so they understand they have what it takes.

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