Unfortunately, many schools are struggling to provide physical education equitably and effectively.

Fiscal pressures, resulting in teacher layoffs or reassignments and a lack of equipment and other resources, inhibit the offering of qualify physical education in many schools and districts. 

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Creating Leaders through STAR SUCCESS

Coaching Leadership for STAR SUCCESS

The PureGame Leadership Program is the second phase in the evolution of the STAR model of character development.

In this phase, STAR is designed to teach kids the concept of Success Through Accepting Responsibility.

We want kids to accept the consequences of their actions, make well-thought-out decisions, develop self-confidence, and formulate realistic and achievable goals.

We designed the STAR SUCCESS curriculum to assist kids in connecting with their internal strengths and passions through Self-Awareness, Uniqueness, Creativity, Communication, Ethics, Self-Esteem, and Strive.

The SUCCESS program is implemented both on the field during supervised play, and off the field through interactive exercises, discussions, and reviews. Field Champions help kids unwrap their passions and aspirations through the physical activity of sport and thought-provoking discussions.

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