Give an Encouragement Soccer Ball

By purchasing an Encouragement Soccer Ball you can champion the development of a students’s confidence and self-esteem. 100% of net proceeds of every Encouragement Soccer Ball purchased goes to support PureGame programs - providing Character Development, Leadership, and Mentoring of students in Title I schools.

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Your purchase and donation of an Encouragement Ball allows…
  1. A PureGame Field Champion to select a deserving child to receive an Encouragement Ball, with your words of encouragement
  2. A child to participate in a PureGame In-School program

The purpose of the Encouragement Ball is to inspire and lead children through an experiential process of achievement. When a child demonstrates a positive character behavior, they are rewarded with an Encouragement Ball highlighting the achievement of the trait demonstrated.

Getting their Encouragement Ball filled with creative achievements becomes an intrinsic desire and goal, ultimately rewarding kids for positive behavioral change and growth.

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How to Give

You Buy It
Simply purchase an Encouragement Ball by clicking the "Buy a Ball" button.
We Give It
We will give your donated Encouragement Ball to a kid in the PureGame program.
They Are Inspired
We have found that most kids keep the Encouragement Ball as a trophy and reminder of their hard work and dedication.
Buy an Encouragement Ball and Inspire a Child Today
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